Pureheart Foundation

We take pride in contributing ourselves for Community Well-being.

Blood Donation Campaigns

It focusses on patients requiring life-long transfusion support and underlines the role of every single person can play, by giving the valuable gift of blood or plasma.

With the collaboration of local authorities, Purewin Group has actively engaged in Blood Donation Campaigns with the public and build up the brand as responsible corporate citizen among the community.

Helping Hand

Ageing cannot be prevented, but we can learn how to deal with arising conditions for great relaxations of our loved ones. Lack of adequate attention towards senior citizens is a concern in our society today and elders who struggle to contribute towards the economy, are considered a burden by many of their children and relatives who ignore the responsibility of caring for them at this late stage of their lives. 

Purewin Group always eager to assist and help them on foods, electrical items and other special needs. 

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